Christian Entrepreneur; What is it?

A title that is loosely thrown around on social media but yet few understand the REAL concept of it. A christian entrepreneur isn’t just a person who is a christian and an entrepreneur, but rather someone who knows the IMPORTANCE to intertwine faith + business as they relate to each other. They understand the importance of incorporating God into their business, just as much as they do in their personal life. Are you a christian entrepreneur?

  1. Do you pray over your business?

  2. Do you have business strategy talks with God?

  3. Do you openly talk about God in your business?

  4. Do you rely on faith when things get hard?

  5. Do you pray before you make decisions?

  6. Do you pray over your clients/customers?

  7. Do you ask God to lead you?

  8. Have you replaced “self-made” with “God-made”

  9. Do you acknowledge him in all that you do?

  10. Do you have pure intentions/Godly intentions with your business?

If you answered yes to all (or most of these) Kudos to you! If you answered no, that’s ok. It’s never too late to start incorporating God into your business, chances are, he’s been waiting on you to ask :)